What Annoys Leo Most

    Many things can irritate you. Many people can irritate you: bad manners, evil gestures, and bad intentions. But what irritates you a lot and makes you lose the patience you need so much are the people who hide something and act as if nothing.  The fake people show their pretty faces when there are many people, but they are poison and dynamite when alone.

    You do not like people who act from behind, who do not go forward, who throw a stone and hurt but immediately hide their hands. You can't handle that kind of badness, and you can't stand that lousy vibe.

    Or they give you jealousy for free, play with your feelings, and believe that they have the right to abandon your heart in extreme situations that irritate you and bring out your darkest part. Yes, you are not an angel fallen from heaven, and you have your little things. You, too, can get to irritate your character and even suffocate anyone with your intensity, but you will not knife that way badly.  You don't play with anyone for free. You are the pack lion that always takes care of others, and you know it. But the pride lion always stands out the most, and that is your most vital point. Now, as long as you do not stand out enough, do not attract attention as you would like, or are not the center of all the desire in the world, things change. You don't get in a bad mood because you know that you also have to leave a little bit for others.  You also know that you are the zodiac star deep down, but that can also irritate you quite a bit.