What Are Leo's Weak Points?

    We all have weaknesses, and that is precisely what makes us different, what makes us human and natural. But we all have our Achilles heel, that weakness from which we differentiate ourselves from others. That weakness is unique in each sign of the Zodiac. Leo, your Achilles heel is that you need constant attention. You love to attract attention, stand out wherever you go, and make everyone look at you constantly. The problem comes when you do not receive the attention you are asking for. You get angry and feel like you are not being treated the way you deserve. That's your weak point, Leo.

    Dear Leo, you have to take a little more care of your ego. Some people sometimes think badly about you or have a bad image just because of that.

    They may come to see you as selfish, someone who likes to command, someone who lacks humility. You know perfectly well that you are not like that, so please don't make others have the wrong image. Although it is difficult for you, try to control your impulses and think more with reason with your heart.  Your way of being can turn you into someone who always desires prominence: someone vain, even a little self-centered. Remember, Leo, that you have to let others shine because they deserve it as much as you do. Don't hoard anyone's light or energy.

    Do not change for anyone or anything, but, Leo, remember that you have to control a little that need to be constantly praised and always have everyone's attention.

    It would be best if you began to recognize that other people deserve attention, too. Begin to recognize the talents of others as well. Show others that you are humble too. If they envy you, let it be for being humble and not for being vain.