What Are the Truths and Myths of Leo

    Perhaps, there are times that we get carried away by those myths that are being said about the signs of the Zodiac. It is easier to believe what others tell us rather than stop to get to know Leo in-depth and see if that is true or simply a false myth. There are also "universal" truths about Leo. Here are three myths and three truths of the Leo sign:

    MYTH 1: Leo is a very selfish person.

    Sure, you have heard this sometime in your life, but it is false. It's easy to think that Leo is a very confident person who loves to be the center of attention. The opposite happens. Leo is a very generous person, especially with those closest to him. Loves to treat others the way they treat them. Leo is always trying to help others as much as possible. Please make no mistake or let yourself be carried away by those myths. That Leo is a person with so much security and power does not mean that he is selfish. It is a lie. Sometimes, he is even one who lives for and makes his loved ones happy.

    TRUTH 1: Leo has a hard time accepting the harsh reality.

    As we already know, Leo is a super positive person who loves to look at the good side of things and forget about all the bad. Leo is happy when things go well, but the world is not always rosy. The problem comes when Leo has to accept that there are also negative things, things that are difficult to live with. Leo has a hard time coping and accepting all of that. It is challenging for him to accept the harsh reality. Also, being so dramatic, he can make a world out of a molehill, making the situation even worse.

    MYTH 2: All you care about is being the best at everything you do.

    Leo is a somewhat competitive person, that's true. He always seeks to be the best and does everything possible to be in the first position. But that doesn't mean that I only think about being the best. What's more, Leo is a knowledgeable person and a person who needs others to be able to feel complete. Leo needs his people to be happy and to keep going. What matters most to Leo is that those people he loves are happy and have everything they need. After meeting the basic needs of others, Leo focuses on himself. Leo cares about being the best, but first, he has other obligations that he must fulfill.

    TRUTH 2: He is a very creative and intelligent person.

    Leo came into the world to create and to make a difference. A Leo is not a Leo if he does not leave his mark. That is clear. Leo's creativity is out of this world. His mind and ideas are something we should learn to value much more. His creativity is closely tied to his emotions. Being such a sentimental and emotional person, you need to express all of that somehow. It would be best if you got what you have inside as it is, and for this, you always use creativity. Leo's mind needs to constantly create something because otherwise, it gets bored and feels like it is stagnating. Leos are usually very good at jobs that require a lot of creativity.

    MYTH 3: Leo is a spiteful person who forgives but does not forget.

    Leo is a person who does not want bad vibes with anyone and who prefers to get along with everyone before running around with unnecessary drama. Leo forgives, and on many occasions, he even forgets. He is not as spiteful as many say he is. If you've played with his feelings and broken his heart, he will not let you into his life again. The only thing Leo wants is to have no problems in his life. He is not spiteful, and he does not seek to pay you with the same coin left to Karma. He will not give second chances to anyone, but if you show him that it was a mistake, he will have no problem giving it to you.

    TRUTH 3: He is someone loyal and with a huge heart.

    That is true, but this is not something new. If you know Leo, you will already know that he has a heart that does not fit in his chest. Leo's loyalty is precious, something that should be valued much more. He is a person with a unique charm who will love him and make himself loved. Leo loves affection, and he loves to feel loved by his people, but above all, he loves to love people who deserve it. Leo lives for and embraces his people, to spend time with them, and, above all, he lives to fall in love. Leo came into the world to find his soul mate and share the rest of his life with her.