What Are The Things That Leo Should Learn

    You learn to spread good vibes and to live life with optimism:

    To harvest energy always to give the best of you and never settle or stay with the desire. Being a lion, you learn to manage time very productively and improve yourself daily.

    The material hooks, but you don't care too much:

    It is so. To say that you don't like the material is to lie because you like Leo. You like success, having what you have earned, working on getting something in return, shopping, and indulging yourself. Deep down, love, emotions, affection, and feelings, you are very sentimental LEდ“N. You like material things like many more people, but it is much more for satisfaction in your case because that is how you know that you get something for your excellent work. If they ask you for an order in an imaginary pyramid, the material remains in the background, and you replace it with the personal.

    You always fight for your dreams, Leo. When something gets into your head, you don't stop until you get it, and over time, you learn to be much more persevering and not throw in the towel. Fulfilling dreams becomes a job and NOT an illusion: You learn to improve yourself day after day, not to conform, and to make dreams come true that, for others, may seem impossible. When you move forward, the satisfaction you feel is not comparable to anything in this world. It is wonderful.

    "First impressions IF deceiving"

    Admit it, Leo. They have often been the ones who have half-fooled you by first impressions. In your case, a lot. The typical thing: you see that someone has the face of a good person, that he treats you well and that he is good, and then when time passes, he stabs you without knowing it and leaves you when he no longer wants anything more from you. If that happens to you, let you know that it is because you are a good person. That it is better to be like this.

    You learn not to be afraid:

    You want it because you fight to make this happen and because you don't allow anyone or anyone to make you feel in a way that you don't want to. Fear has no space in your life.

    For your loved ones, you can move heaven and earth:

    To destroy mountains, do everything in your power and more, and defeat something presented as invincible. For the safety of the people you love the most, you are very capable of everything, Leo, of things that you would not even imagine because the safety of your people is essential for you. Without it, your character is activated and does whatever it takes. Playing with your bread, with your love, and with your people is a reason for war. Whoever does it signs their sentence, and you know it.

    Sometimes you judge, but you always look for the good side of people:

    You judge because you have eyes and can NOT agree with the people around you. But you do not destroy anyone, you do not trample anyone with your comments, you are funny, and in the end (although it is incredible because of your impulsiveness), you know what to say and what not to say, Leo, you are pure and hard cunning. Yes, you criticize but speak clearly at once to the people who deserve it. You forgive good people.

    Rebellion, madness, and spontaneity are a trio that lives in you:

    No more, no less. Or, well, maybe much more. Leo, you are a very energetic cocktail with a battery to last this life and thousands more.

    Success seems to be named after you, Leo, because you are a very successful person, but let no one is confused and believes that this is the work and grace of LUCK because it is not like that. Success bears your name, but many more things achieve it:

    Things like your effort, perseverance, stubbornness, and inner power. If you know very well what it is to be a leader, it is because of your hard work. You are not one of those people who wait idly for the success of the clouds to rain down on you. You make it, do it, chase it until you can't take it anymore, and if necessary, look for it even under the stones. You can't tell a Leo that he was in second place.

    Being a person in love is something that comes standard:

    It is something you are born with, something that, over time, gets stronger and stronger, and something that will stay with you until the end. The prize for the most in love person is for you, Leo.