What Do Leo Expect the Most From Others?

    Leo needs honesty around him. In his life, Leo needs loyal people who he can always trust and who know that they will never play him. Something essential for any relationship, both family and friendship or love. Leo is a knowledgeable and creative person, and by his side, he wants people who reinforce all that creativity. People who let you be who you want to be and who do not turn off that light always gives off. He is also quite dominant, and he likes to be in charge of situations, and he needs people who do not try to take away that position that he has been so hard to get. People get a little carried away by what Leo says and do not resist what he is asking for. The main ingredient to being with Leo is love. But it should also be noted that Leo is a person who blindly believes in love and that without love, his life would have no meaning. For this reason, he also wants others to be loved in the way that Leo loves, be it his family, friends, or partner.

    He needs to express his feelings, and that is why at his side, he needs people who are pretty intense and who know how to understand everything that Leo feels inside him.

    He wants to love and feel loved in equal parts. At his side, he wants people who have the same capacity to love as Leo. Also, he wants fun, smiling, happy, positive people. They do not sink at the first change and always know how to get out of any situation with a smile.