What Does Love Mean to Leo?

    What does the word 'love' mean to Leo? For Leo, love means being incredibly passionate and generous with your partner. In Leo's life, love is paramount, and he loves to feel those butterflies in his stomach when he is in love, and he also loves to receive that affection from his family. Leo spends his whole life searching for the perfect love until the moment he finds it and believes he is dying of love. It is also essential to show all that love through affection and respect because if it is not shown for Leo, it is as if it does not exist.

    Without a doubt, love also means fidelity and mutual respect for Leo.

    Leo does not want love if he is only going to be affectionate. Leo also needs to feel heard and respected and wants to share everything he can with others. Leo's love is motivated by emotion, adventure, and affection. In Leo's love, there is also emotion because, without it, there would be no love. Leo needs to love and, at the same time, feel that this love is what is giving life to his life and emotion to his day today. You don't want to be bored, and you need constant adventure and excitement, so that doesn't happen. Without a doubt, love is a fundamental pillar in Leo's life. You know how to live without it, but you need to love to feel that your mission in life is being completed. Without a doubt, Leo's love is a mixture of affection, respect, fidelity, and extreme madness, all in perfect measure.