What Excuse Leo Gives When They Break Up With You

    Leo, that excuse you say and that little by little is ruining your life is that of 'I don't feel like doing it. It may be an excuse for others, but for you, it is a reality. As you are one of the kings of the Zodiac and a person with a lot of power, sometimes you allow yourself to say that. When you don't want to do something, you say that you don't feel like doing it, and you don't do it. There is no more. The best of all is that you say it and are so comfortable. Leo, things are not like that. We all have things we do that we don't feel like doing, and in the end, we have to end up doing them.

    Life is not always easy or fair for you or others. Look around you. Indeed most of the people out there are doing something that they don't feel like doing, but they are doing it because they can't do anything else.

    Leo, life is not always fun, and do what you want. People have many duties that we must fulfill, so you better stop making that excuse always. Unfortunately, it's okay to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Even you know yourself that you should go out a little more. There are times when you put things aside simply because you don't feel like it at the time or because you don't feel motivated enough to do it. Leo, enough excuses. Honestly, those excuses do not go with you. You are a powerful and very active person.
    When you don't feel motivated enough to do something, think about the reward you will have and how you will feel once you finish it.
    Sometimes it takes a lot to start something new, but you can even regret not having started earlier once you start. Leo, change the 'I don't feel like doing it for 'I'm dying to do it.