What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Leo?

    When you do something terrible to Leo, you play with fire and enter dangerous terrain. You are with one foot in the actual lion's cave. It is one thing to say and quite another to experience it in the first person. When Leo has to stick his claws out to defend himself, he doesn't fool around. That Leo is the noblest heart that you can come across does not mean that you can play with him and try to escape unscathed because no, because whoever plays with his heart pays dearly. Point. Fair treatment.

    Leo does not take the attacks personally because he likes the curiosity of being in a war with someone. Leo takes it very seriously because he has a vast heart, a heart that does not fit in his chest, okay?

    Leo always wants the best, and he will not be less in his attacks. Let the person who has done something terrible to Leo be prepared because there are no longer any valid pleas, and he will know what it is to receive justice in a very abrasive way, like an actual explosion. Yes, he will regret it throughout his life. You can regret it with Leo, not diluted juice for all eternity.