What Is an Advice That Leo Should Hear to

    A piece of advice that a Leo should hear is to imply to- preferably When someone reacts negatively to any of your proposals can hurt, annoy, or even sometimes, depending on the person who says it, it makes you angry, Leo, but that they do not take you into account is what annoys you and makes you move away from the real one essence of your personality. Love your neighbor Leo, but never more than yourself. Please take into account all their actions, but do not have an impact on any of theirs because you may have breathed some toxic gas of a very toxic person, and you have forgotten who you are and what you are capable of doing and the war that you still have to give. A lion cannot be repressed in any way. Let a lion-like you loose and endanger all the other sheep in the flock, right? You know it, Leo, you know it very, very well, and you will not allow anything or anyone to make you go down even half a step on your ladder of purpose in life.

    The advice you need to hear right now is this, Leo: Don't forget yourself while pleasing others and forget about the rest to please yourself, lion.

    The oscar for the best helping hand, partner, and family in history is yours. Neither more nor less, no one knows better than you what this is. Do everything for yourself and whoever wants something to get on your car. Do not be the one who gets off your world again to get on that of others.