What Is the Secret to Gain the Trust of Leo?

    Earning Leo's trust is not an easy thing. Leo has very high standards and will not let anyone enter his heart like nothing. That's something that most of the world knows. Not another thing, but a demanding Leo is a while. He cares a lot about finding quality people, people who are not going to play with his heart and will not tear him to pieces. Wherever you see the lion so strong, he has had to suffer a lot, and he has had to defend himself tooth and nail. Honesty is the key and the secret to reaching your heart. You will think that it is easy, but do not get carried away by appearances. The experience has made him be like that, not trust anyone.

    Leo has been hurt a lot in the past, so now, all those experiences have made him change.

    If you want to earn their trust, you will have to be as honest as possible. You have to show yourself from the beginning, no more, no less. Be 100% natural with Leo at all times, and when you least expect it, you will have all his confidence. Don't be afraid to show yourself even too naturally, don't be afraid to teach him what your flaws are and your dark side. On the contrary, Leo loves to discover the pluses and the minuses of the person next to him. You have to be very patient because, although Leo is impulsive, he prefers to be cautious in heart matters. Do not fear if it takes too long. Leo is simply fighting to leave you in his life because he does not want to be taken advantage of by someone again. At that moment, you have to show him that you are not in a hurry, that you will be there for as long as it takes because you know that his trust will be worth it. And the most important thing is knowing how to maintain that trust you have had so hard to achieve. You have to remain honest all the time. Get the idea of lying out of your mind, even if it is a white lie, a lie so as not to make him suffer.

    Leo HATES any lie, be it pious or not.

    At that moment, when Leo has the feeling that someone is lying, he will have no qualms about opening the door for you and throwing you out of his life. Leo is unwilling to put up with lies and live in situations where he knows he will get hurt. Don't even try it with Leo if you think white lies are good. No matter how honest you want to be, you will never become what Leo asks you to be.