What Leo Looks for in Their Life Partner

    You want an equal half that is not less than you and is not even more than youჴ€”someone who knows how to complement himself by your side. Also, someone unique, sincere and pure. That above all. Leo, you need someone who has a personality, is very sure of herself, and does not drag you into the world of illusions that remain in promises. This is Leo, you are a very infatuated person (although sometimes it is hard for you to say I LOVE YOU, you are a very romantic person), and that can take its toll if you decide to try something with someone colder than the North Pole cape.

    By your side, you need a faithful, loyal, sincere life partner who transmits confidence from minute one and who does not mince words, and who always goes with the truth ahead.

    You do not ask for it to be a continuous rumba, nor do you want your love life to be reduced to the same as always. The ideal for you is to find a soul mate who knows how to have fun with little, who wants to experiment, who is not afraid to fly (either by plane or by your hand) and always go straight ahead, whatever happens. You like the blows from the front, Leo, and that is why you need someone to tell you things from the front and not go from behind. That is very important because whoever betrays the trust of a lion stays in the drawer of the resentment for a time until their heart softens again. That it does not shine more than you, that is basic. Not everything was going to be beautiful hearts and red roses, it's obvious. If he loves you, he will understand.