What Leo Should Adviced in December

    Look at yourself Leo, you know very well that fear of failure is what often makes you not move from the site. This month you have to be clear that you may hurt some people but that you will do that damage to see yourself well. It's complicatedჴ€¦ You spend a lot of time trying to thank and please everyone and that, unfortunately, you are going to have to change. And more this month.

    Think a little more about yourself and yours, but really yours, those who show you every day that they are there, that they are when you need them most.

    Not in those that sell you smoke, in those that are always there when things go well but when things get complicated they disappear or make you feel like shit. Leo, this month put yourself first in everything you do, decide with your heart, you know that this way you are almost never wrong and if you feel that something is going to fail, do not get into the wolf's mouth more and more until there is no solution. Cut in the bud, cut when you must Leo.