What Leo Wants in a Relationship but Does Not Ask for It

    You tell him what he is worth and deserves, how good he is, and what a great match you have found by finding him.

    Everyone thinks Leo is a super confident person, and many times, they are right. Of course, he knows his virtues, but be careful because he also knows his defects.

    You tend to paint your life as incredibly interesting.

    It indeed is, in many respects, but Leo often feels lonely. But it also has its lows because, in the end, he sets super high goals, his standards are almost skimming the sky, and if he does not achieve his goals, he sinks and sinks a lot. And that's when he needs you to be at his. On the other hand, when you have to take his hand and say, "Nothing happens, we can do everything, you can do everything."

    Leo is strong and will never ask you to do it, first because he does not want anyone to see him like that, and second because he does not want to see himself asking for something that way.

    He will wait for you to be the one to tell him, Leo. He will wait for you to be that person who makes him come out on top. When they are in a relationship, they do not take it lightly. Leo will choose you because he knows you are the right person with his hand on his heart. He could never settle for someone wrong. You may get confused later on, but the moment you choose, it's you and no one else.

    Leo wants the relationship to be fun, for everything to go well, and in fact, Leo has a strong desire to impress in some way and to remind his partner how valuable he is. It reminds him almost every day of all his attributes and virtues; for that reason, he also needs to be done with him/her, especially in their lowest moments. It won't ask you to do it ...