What Makes Leo Happy

    Leo enjoys and is happy when he surrounds himself with people who love him. He loves being around the people he truly loves

    You enjoy spending your free time with the person you are in love with. He doesn't care about the plan. He does not mind spending the afternoon at home with that person, and he will not say no to some unexpected trip.

    Everything is valid for Leo, as long as he is in good company; that is the main thing to be happy.

    Leo realizes he is also happy to find someone with whom he can have deep conversations for hours. Those conversations make you know the other person much more and learn about life. You are proud to feel that you are enriching yourself personally.

    In general, Leo tends to get bored with the routine, so he is very happy in those moments when he can break up with it.

    Sometimes it is inevitable not to establish a routine daily, but Leo loves to break the rules. It makes him happy to make any plan that breaks with the established. He doesn't like it when a relationship stagnates. He loves to be surprised by small details from time to time.

    After all, Leo doesn't care about the details a bit; the only thing that matters to him is that there is that surprise factor.

    Another reason that makes Leo happy is always to get his way. He likes that in a conversation, Leo is the one who is right and who has the last word.

    If someone tries to contradict you a little, it will take little time to realize that who is right is Leo. 

    No, this does not mean that Leo likes to step over others or hurt them. He would never allow himself to hurt anyone to get away with it. Leo is simply happy when he knows that he has won and when he can enjoy a victory.