What Should Leo Do When They Need to Rest

You are a very hardworking person, Leo, in every way. You are a very active person and you do not stop constantly fighting to make things happen. You don’t believe much in luck, but you do believe faithfully in hard work and well done and that is to be admired. For a person as energetic as you, a break of several hours in bed is not useful. There is no use either sleeping more or closing your eyes on the sofa to try to evade your mind ...

For someone with your drive, your energy and your adrenaline, it is much more advisable to have a good laugh session with your old friends in the places where you know you will have a great time.

Go out to dance, have a good laugh and create memories. There is also the option of doing something more relaxing with the same people, meeting at the house of one of your friends and having a good marathon of board games, or whatever makes you avoid your day-to-day tasks.

In your case, taking a relaxing bath, doing yoga or any other more relaxing alternative, would not give you relaxation and you know it. There, surely you would think more than necessary. Surely you would not even finish the relaxing bath because you would remember the things you have to do. Therefore, in your case it is better to evade with the people with whom you know you have a good time. You are one of those who has friends with whom memories, then go on to great stories.