What You Don't Know About Leo When It Breaks

    Do you know what gives you away when you're not well, Leo? Do you know what you abuse a lot when you go through situations that are not good for your heart? Of generosity. That is Leo; although it may seem like a lie and not even yourself believe it, kindness turns against you and makes you give more when you receive much less.

    Look, Leo, those times when you have been left with nothing so that your people can have everything, they do not tell each other the truth because that is an act of generosity that honors you and makes you be someone very great.

    When you give generously to people who neither suit you nor come just to look good or so that they don't speak badly of you behind your back, it's kindness in excess, toxic kindness that you know will end up doing you a lot of damage. This is not something you usually do; this is only done when you are not going through a good streak and feel emotionally shorter than the normal lion; everyone has the right to have bad days. Still, there, there I s a giant step to take advantage of you. Let them speak, say and have their say what they want, but do not give your help to people who do not deserve it.

    We know that you do it. You don't want to feel alone because you don't want guilt to appear at your door for saying NO from time to time. Leo, nothing happens; we keep the secret.

    You think that on many occasions, what you spend more is kindness, but what you don't know, Leo is that this kindness is not fair to you. For others, it is a luxury because they know that with you, they will not lack anything, but WHAT ABOUT YOU? And you when it comes to Leo? Therein lies the lion problem's core: your kindness can turn against you overnight. Incredible but true.