What You Want Vs What You Need That You Should Know Leo

    What you want:

    Leo, in a relationship, you want someone who challenges you in everything you say and do. Someone who is contrary to you and who is different from you. Someone with whom to share your tastes, but also from whom to learn new things. You want that person capable of caressing your ego and reaching your heartჴ€”someone who brings out your romantic side and knows how to appreciate it. Those people who make things difficult for you and make you fight for them drive you crazy. You want that person to know how to value time and be willing to do anything for love. Someone willing to live that scary experience that they call love. You want an independent, sincere person who has good taste, likes to go out, and has many ambitions and plans for the future. But you also want someone who values and congratulates you whenever you do things well.

    What you need:

    But, Leo, you need someone who pushes you to be better and gives you that security you lack in those days when you cannot find yourself. Someone who knows how to tell you things without arguing and how to solve problems in the most peaceful way possible. Someone who goes in a different currency than yours so that he can never outshine you. What Should Capricorn Do When They Need to Rest Someone who is not afraid of love or to show you affection and affection. Someone who wants to live love to the limit and knows how to enjoy it. You need your partner to adore you, but you can also adore her. You need a special and different relationship that is unconventional. You need a special person because you are special. Someone who lets you shine and shines every time you are together. Someone with whom you can feel free and alive ...