When Does Leo Finds Their Love

    Leo knows he has finally found that person because he has relaxed and does not always want to take the lead. Let the other person have their voice and let it shine as it deserves. Leo has the security he needs by his side and feels that there is finally someone with whom he complements perfectly. For Leo, love is not only about half oranges; for Leo, love is finding that person with whom you can be yourself, with whom you feel appreciated, and who recognizes their successes. But finally, Leo will know that he has found THAT person because he will give part of his power to her. After all, he knows perfectly that love is about commitment and working together. If only one of the two does his part in a relationship, in the end, the relationship will not go anywhere, and Leo knows better than anyone ... At that moment, Leo finds his soul mate that he will no longer feel obliged to be him/the one who exclusively makes the decisions. Now you have shared that great weight with your partner, and both will make the decisions together. Leo has a hard time reaching this level; not just anyone will be able to reach that deep into his heart. Only humble people will get there with inner peace, willing to take over the world and fall strongly in love with life.

    Leo is used to always having his way and controlling everything in his life. But with that person, it will no longer be like that.

    Leo knows that he has found that person when he feels more relaxed, with less pressure, as if he were living in a cloud or a dream from which he would never want to wake up. Finally, Leo has met THAT person, who will be his main support.