When Leo Goes Crazy

    When Leo crosses the wire and gets angry, he goes far beyond anger and fills with a somewhat peculiar rage. You cannot expect a calm demeanor from a lionჴ€¦ In those moments, his roar is much louder than any other sign of the Zodiac. Leo is very good, very affectionate, and very attentive. But bad ... Bad is better not to meet him. He is indeed a person with a lot of stamina, capable of trying to solve everything for good, but when that does not happen or when he is having a bad day, the only thing he can do is explode. When Libra Goes Crazy He is exploding without realizing who is around you, exploding without paying attention to everything ahead. Leo has a lot of heart, but he also has a genius and a character that even he/she does not understand. In those moments when he is enraged, he is somewhat rude, which can come to surprise anyone who has never known this side of Leo.

    He often resorts to offensive language and pays it off with people who don't deserve it. Leo cannot control his impulses and explodes at the wrong time and with the people he does not deserve.

    Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Leo So Much? Of course, just as he exploits, he also knows how to ask for forgiveness and admit that he is wrong. Leo is very proud, but he knows when to swallow that pride. Your pride and ego will never allow you to look bad to a person and make your status drop more than necessary. Leo has an image of caring for others and will not let his tantrums make him lose his good image. Leo may have his days and moments of maximum rage, but he knows how to fix these situations well.