Which Is the Greatest Insecurity of Leo Sign

    Leo, you are known to be a very confident person. Yes, you are a person with a lot of egos and a lot of pride, but who always achieves everything proposed and fights to achieve his happiness. You like others to see you as a strong, confident person with a lot of self-love and who is honest. You are like that, Leo, you love to attract attention and stand out from the crowd, and for now, there is nothing wrong with that. You know that not everyone likes you and that many times there are people who look down on you for being just the way you are, but you don't care the same.

    They think, say, and think what they want; as long as you and your people are happy, others do what they want.

    Which Is the Greatest Insecurity of Cancer Sign And yes, dear Leo, most of your insecurities are given by that ego ... The one that sometimes makes you strong, other times, makes you less so. You are a strong, invincible, honest person, thanks to your ego. But also, thanks to your ego, you have insecurities.

    Your ego tells you that you always have to be the best, that you always have to go ahead of others, and that you have to win. That creates a lot of insecurities for you.

    It makes you pay much more attention to your defects than your virtues. It makes you obsess over what is wrong and think only about how to improve it instead of enhancing all your wonderful virtues. In addition, that ego is willing to crush you when others do not recognize your worth. It is there when all the insecurities are born and when your ego does not stop reminding you that things are not like that.

    Leo, to deal with these insecurities, it is important that you always be humble and try to silence your ego.

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    Do not let him always be the protagonist who manages your emotions. No, Leo, the only one who rules here is you; neither your ego, emotions, or heart will ever do it. 

    Let go of that ego that always ruins your best moments and use it only to your advantage when necessary. You are worth a lot, Leo, do not let anything or anyone belittle you or make you who you are not.