Which Sign Can Be the Best Valentine for Leo

    You are excited about everything, Leo; it is true that, perhaps of the whole week, this is the day that you are having the most trouble facing everything. Hey, everything happens, and you are now in another wave Leo; you are coming out of many holes in which you were stuck, you are coming out of that shell that enclosed you in yourself and that did not allow you to see the sunlight. Everything has changed, it was time after so much so, although today is not the most wonderful day of all (which may be) you will survive ...

    You may feel some pressure from someone important in your life, Leo.

    Maybe that feeling will make you a little more irascible with everyone, like with more bad host. Sometimes they ask too much of you, and you give and give and give, because you are not one of those who stay halfway, when you are with something, you give 100% of yourself and a little more if possible. However, there are people who want to squeeze even more out of you and who, in the end, give less than anyone else.

    Avoid overthinking and keep your mind on other issues that make you get out of those circles you get into. 

    Stay in control of your surroundings and don't go blind in love. It isn't very easy, Leo, especially for you, but give it little by little, don't be so good. Honestly, even though you are super happy with everything, you don't feel like celebrating anything too much. This time that in part, yes, but, like today, you feel you will not enjoy it. Well you know what? That you are the queen or the king of surprises, that if you want to surprise someone, do it, and that if you are alone, give them to yourself.

    You are free to celebrate love and passion every day. Even more so, self-love to celebrate whatever it is, the love of a life, of a minute, your own, or the one you have for your pet. Smile Leo, already celebrate life.

    Your best compatibility with the signs for Valentine's Day:

    Aries: Instant connection with a lot of fire, and sparks, and embers and wood burningჴ€¦ Physically and spiritually. It can be ideal but nothing to throw things in face by any of the parties. Gemini: Adventure, brutal attraction, especially in bed, mutual fascination and above all that today, especially, you can learn a lot about what is happening between you. Cancer: Love, darling, that which you need so much, understanding, although today it may be you who picks up her / him. Libra: Too much romance, too much affinity, an incredibly explosive union for good now. Sagittarius: There will be a lot of passion and romance. Beware of Pisces: Everything curdles. Don't take out dirty laundry.