Who Can Be the Perfect Partner for Leo

    One of your missions in life, Leo, is to find someone with whom you are truly compatible. What you want is to find your soul mate. You are a person who loves to live love and who enjoys having by his side a person whom he truly loves. Although your ego seems to be an inconvenience at first, as soon as you fall in love, that ego diminishes and lets the other person shine just like you.

    Your perfect partner, Leo, is that person who values you as you deserve, someone who makes you feel important and who reminds you every day of everything you do.

    He tells you in words, but he also shows it to you daily with actions and deeds. That person who can always bring out your good side and who makes you happy just by being by your side. You may be a somewhat infatuated person, Leo, but that does not mean that you will leave your heart in the hands of anyone. You fall in love fast, but you won't say 'I love you on the second day. Although you are indeed a bit impatient, you know that things in the palace go slowly, and sometimes you know that the best thing in cases like this is to let it go at its own pace.

    You do not ask for much in your soulmate, simply that he be a person with personality, that he be confident, that he loves himself. 

    Also, he is very loyal and someone who transmits confidence to you from minute 1. But he must also be very fun, full of positive energy, and willing to live without limits. One of the signs that can be your perfect partner would be Libra, since he is a very free person, very happy, with a charm and with a natural glow, he is a person who looks a lot like you, but there are also aspects in which you complement very well.

    With Capricorn or earth signs in general, perhaps things will not work very well since they are very proud signs like you, and there will be many struggles and conflicts for good which is the 'best.' 

    However, someone from Aries will know how to understand you since they are also very similar to you, but they also know that they can sometimes use your weak points to hurt you.