Why Dating a Leo Woman Is Not Easy?

    Rarely have you not ever been attracted to a Lioness in your life. She knows how to do it, is sure of herself, and is like the lioness of a pride: when she sets a target, she goes out to hunt it, whatever the cost. Whether it is a sentimental, work, or career "object" ve",ჴ€¦ Leo"is generous; deep down, he likes to give much more than receive. It feels good like this, giving, making the other happy. When the other smiles, she smiles three more times. He only asks for your admiration, devotion, and above all, your RESPECT. If you do not respect it, we are going wrong because everything it gives you can be taken away in a moment. When Leo throws the cross at someone who has betrayed him, that cross lasts for a while. Later it will pass; like all things, Leo is not to hold unnecessary grudges. But when it'sit'sr, it will turn into indifference, and believe me, that hurts more than the other.

    With Leo, you have to be clear about one thing; she is a girl who draws attention a lot, if not for her physique, for her intelligence, for the way she makes others laugh, for how she takes life, for how she takes the weight off some absurd business, because she is, in essence, a girl 10.

    So, jealousy, you keep it to yourself. She is not at fault for being the way she is. It is normal for someone so happy and with that energy to raise passions, but damn, if he is with you,  it is for SOMETHING. Leo will never betray if he does not feel betrayed. Of course, he also has the cold blood to do the same with you if you are the one who has screwed up. It will hurt ...

    Remember that Leo can forgive a million things, but forgetting will be more complicated, even if he struggles daily.

    It will be for life when he commits to you unless you screw it up. It wants to be the center of your world; even if you think this can be complicated, it will be. It will be. Trust her and let her be as she is. Suppose you dSuppose't likedon'tfind someone else! Because NOBODY sends her and no one cuts her beautiful wings and how high they carry her. If you start criticizing her or trying to change something that is part of her essence, she will fade and wither and stop loving you sooner or later ...

    If you want Leo to be happy, NEVER play with her jealousy; listen to her and share your world with her.

    When Leo is with someone, many times he CAPS them in some way and wants to know everything, and wants to tell them everything. If he does not see that there is interest on your part, he will get bored quickly, so keep the flame burning with everything. Buy some tickets for an exciting festival, or surprise her with a trip, have fucking DETAILS, beautiful details that are not forgotten, details that mark. She is always used to having those details with others, to being the one who surprises the rest. And no, others rarely surprise her ... Respect her freedom, and yes, ensure you give her space from time to time, so she doesn't get tired of you, and looks don't. Dating Leo is not easy, but it is worth it, and you will have a woman capable of giving you everything, EVERYTHING. But TAKE CARE!