Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Leo So Much?

    If you feel that others do not understand you, do not take it personally, Leo, because that affects you more than anything. What they say doesn't usually matter to you.

    What's more, you like them to talk. Being on everyone's lips is not a drama, much less for you, because that means they are talking about YOU.

    Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Pisces So Much? You don't dislike it, and you know it. But if they don't speak the truth, things change. That is crossing the forbidden line and igniting the spark of your Leo character, and whoever does not know you have no idea what they are doing. Something similar to opening Pandora's box, right? But it affects you. You don't realize it, but it conditions you. That makes you uncomfortable, and when you are not comfortable, it shows.

    Even if you don't say it, your smile gives you away. Even if you want to pretend, your eyes tell absolutely everything.

    Leo hurts you and makes you believe they are against you and do not love you. Intuitive that they speak and not knowing what kills you like nobody else. Because you can have many defects, but you are not a person who is spoiling other people's lives by telling lies to be above.

    If you open your mouth, you do it to tell truths like great castles. You might screw it up; you might go a bit overboard. Your words may not be correct, but you do not know how to be dishonest, and they do not fully understand.

    They don't understand your impulsiveness. They don't understand your sincerity. They prefer to criticize, and that can be with you.

    You think they don't understand you and don't know how to appreciate your person because you know perfectly well that you are worth a lot to stop being you. If people hate your essence, let them continue to hate Leo because there is nothing more beautiful than being you when you surround yourself with people who love you.

    Whoever loves you well will take good care of you, Leo. Going after others as always and trying to be liked by everyone should no longer be an option for you now. Let them look for you. That they