Why Does Leo Fear to Fall in Love

    If there is someone who adores love with all the might in the world to love, love, feel, create and love again until it hurts with happiness, you are your Leo, but hey, it was corny text because it is not that you are someone very sensitive, you you are much fierier, and scorching passion and you know it, Leo.

    If there is something that you are really afraid of, Leo is to be disappointed and see something that you had not seen from the beginning.

    Leo, that your illusions remain in a crashed mosquito is a crystal that hits you a lot; fear outright the truth is NOT because it is very difficult for you to tremble a lot for something in particular. Still, you do not like to create large expectations so that later they are minimal or nothing. You give everything in your relationships; you do not usually leave a single AS under the magician because you are ardent and can not save anything for later. You love in all its crazy things, in a gentle, fast, patient, sensitive, loving, more fiery way; you love to love, but to give all that, to deposit so much trust so that at the end of everything, it turns out that the other person is a fake. It turns out NOT TO BE NOTHING is what can hurt you the most, Leo, and you know it more than enough.

    Having lost part of your control and letting someone else take control scares you; not being the one who decides 100% scares you because that means that you are no longer the total leader of your relationship. 

    Yes, you do, because for love, you can adapt to your partner in any way, but doing it with someone who does not value that and who wants to carry the relationship in their way, NOT taking you into account, no, you take it Leo.