Why Leo Can't Let Go?

    Those dreams you want to run but can't, that feeling that produces you not knowing where the light is at the end of the tunnel, that overwhelms that comes in when you know something is coming, but you don't know where it will come from ... All of this has the same feeling; everything produces something very the same: AGO. That's what Leo feels when deciding the right moment to say GOODBYE and let go. Leo continues to the end when they put the lion between a rock and a hard place and make him say between going or letting go. A brave-born fighter cannot afford to say goodbye and throw in the towel without trying everything. If letting go does good, saying goodbye and saying goodbye to something he loves, he can do good, then Leo has an internal battle between reason and heart like a thunderstorm with good rain. Come on, a full-blown emotional catastrophe.

    Leo knows that by letting go, you can heal, but Leo DOES NOT let go when he knows he can take a little longer when he senses that it is not the time and when his love is much greater than the desire to say goodbye.

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Heartbreak? His intentions are very clear in Leo's gaze, and no, it is not that he does not dare to say GOODBYE; it is much more complex than that; if he does not do it, it is because he knows that later it will hurt, he knows that it will hurt. It won't be good for a while, and you want to avoid that feeling.

    Leo can let go, he's strong, brave, and too temperamental to take that step, but if he does and fails, he won't forgive him. It would haunt him if he gave in and went wrong. Leo does not let go when he feels it is NOT the time. His sixth sense is in charge of showing when the perfect opportunity is, even if his heart does not want it.