Why Leo Don't Want a Serious Relationship

Leo, your ego may be too big to let you start a serious relationship now. Your intensity on many occasions is quite intimidating, even intimidating yourself. You love love so much that it can scare you. Your inner strength and your self-love are not to everyone’s liking, but you are already tired of having to please everyone. You hate that they begin to draw defects that for you are virtues and now you do not want to have to face that.

You do not want to start a serious relationship because you think you have not yet found that person capable of understanding you and your ego.

Leo, although you love love and are in love, many times you do not understand very well why it is necessary to seal love with a commitment, when you are able to enjoy love whatever it is, without labels or anything that says that the love will be forever. Love lasts as long as it has to, and that doesn’t worry you or overwhelm you. It is clear that you do not like to lose the person you are in love with, but what worries you now is living in the present and not worrying so much about the future. It is not that commitment overwhelms you, it is simply not necessary many times if there is love involved.

If you don’t want to start a serious relationship, it’s because now you don’t want to lock yourself up again. You are a person who likes to go out, meet new people, start a conversation with someone you have just met ... And many times, when you are in a relationship, it is possible that the other person is somewhat jealous and does not let you enjoy all that . Therefore, by not having any relationship, you save yourself all the misunderstandings. Also, you don’t really know where the love of your life may be, so you don’t want to close any doors. You don’t want to commit to anyone for fear of losing someone else who is still out there waiting for you.