Why Leo Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

    You have indeed felt a little strange in the last few days, Leo. You felt a strange sensation in your body that told you nothing would go well. As if your past came back to embitter the present. All the effort you've put in all this time is going to shit. You feel as if all this time you have been trying to forget what made you suffer so much has been of no use.

    You have realized that your wounds have not yet healed, making you lose hope. 

    You notice as if you no longer have the strength to do anything. But enough negative thoughts. Since when are you like this, Leo? Since when do you get carried away by everything bad in your life?

    The new moon on October 9 will give you all that energy you need to keep going. But it is in your power to know how to use it for good or bad.

    You must be careful because all that energy is handy now, but you must control yourself. If you take everything so seriously, you can become overwhelmed and stressed and get back into that loop from which you had to get out.

    The reason you felt that way was because of the moon.

    Although the full moon brings us good things, sometimes that overdose of energy can get us unbalanced. And that has happened to you, Leo; so many emotions and adrenaline have made you plummet. But nothing happens; you are strong and know that you can with everything they throw at you. And the best is that you know that time heals everything and that you will be in a few days if you are not happy now.