Why Leo Is Too Soft Heart

    Leo, Leo, Leo ... No one knows better what the fight between the heart and reason is like you. No one like you can understand and explain this internal conflict that has so many times been given to your lion's heart. They say you were born a leader and everything rain on you from heaven. That glory falls from the trees and, thanks to your status as a lion, everyone follows you without question, but no one has the slightest idea of everything you have had to fight Leo; no one knows the truth, no one knows what Much that you have cried and fought so that the world respects you as you deserve and to carry the fame that sometimes hurts you so much inside, there, in that hole where you keep that little piece of Leo heaven.

    That is, your little piece of heaven, Leo; very few people know how it is.

    Your interior softens when you allow yourself to be carried away by the heart when love blinds you when you suffer from wanting more when in truth, you receive much less; there, it lets itself be seen in its entirety; there, it shows itself as it is, pure and without any filter.

    Very few people know you; very few people have the slightest idea of how hard you work to be who you are. 

    Too many people criticize you for it, envy corrupts them, and they defend themselves by attacking you; they get rid of shit by blaming your character, your ardor, your temperamentჴ€¦. Why Aquarius Has Too Soft Heart You have an ego, yeah, so what? What's wrong with that? Others have a lot of stupidity in their heads, and you do not torture them for it; you accept them as they are, and that is what you would like them to do with you, Leo, to accept you as you are.