Why Leo Lost Interest in You

If Leo lost interest in you, it was because he saw that you were not giving enough of yourself. Leo by his side wants a person whom he can admire but also Leo wants you to admire. Leo by your side needs to feel stronger and more secure than ever. He wants to be with someone who loves himself more than anyone else and who is clear about his ideas. If Leo sees that you are not like that, that you have such low self-esteem that he has to always be reminding you of everything you are worth, he will lose all interest in you.

Leo wants a relationship without these kinds of worries, he wants someone with whom he can do all that he has been waiting for so long. Travel, feel, laugh, enjoy everyday life. Leo wants to live on the edge and have a person by his side willing to do anything. A person willing to feel. Leo wants you to show him what you feel at all times and that there is solid communication in your relationship.

Leo does not want by his side a person who likes routine and does not like to take risks.

If you always offer him the same plans or if you don’t bring him anything new, Leo will get bored and lose all interest in you. Leo needs you to share your emotions and put that little spark in life. You need someone who is here and now, someone who doesn’t take 8 years to respond to a text message or who takes 300 hours to decide on something. But this does not end like that, he also needs to see that he cares about you and that you give him all the attention he needs and deserves. Yes, Leo likes adventure, but he also loves to live love.

You have to be willing to live this adventure full of romance and small details. But above all, you have to value everything that Leo does for you and thank him every day that he spends by your side. Leo is a lot of Leo and if you do not know how to value him, unfortunately he will lose all interest in you.