How to Conquer a Libra

    Before being a couple, friends first

    You do not want your partner to only act as a Libra partner; you want your partner to be your best helping hand, someone who knows you like the back of your hand. Whoever manages to captivate you in this way will almost certainly win a place in your heart ...

    The person who wants to win you over has to be herself; you don't want cheap copies that make or pretend to be something that they are not really

    You do not want your partner to be ashamed of his failures; you do not want him to repress his true personality for fear that you will reject him, Libra. You do not want him to get confused and not show himself as he is for fear of being different; that is why it can make you fall in love and make that person earn a place in your seductive heart.

    To conquer you, it is enough to be transparent and show everything there is, not hide anything, and not be afraid of being someone weird. Maybe that is what most attracts you about people, their point of difference from others, that trait that makes them a unique person ...

    Flirting subtly

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    Or not so subtly, Libra, right? You know perfectly how to combine passion with romanticism, and you like to meet people who carry the same game as you, people who know how to seduce even with their gaze as you do, Libraჴ€¦. You like to give a lot, but you fall in love with your partner doing the same or more.

    With praise for what you do well and showing interest in your concerns, achievements, and goals achieved. You know it sounds

    Now, let them be natural flattery and not forced. You do not want someone to tell you "how great and how well you do everything," which maximum ball to look good, and that's it. Compliments that come from the soul and are sincere.

    With unexpected details in the day to day

    For example, someone who remembers your favorite shake and makes it to you without telling you, or who knows a wish you have wanted for a long time and makes it come true out of nowhere. Someone who remembers the places you would like to travel to and who, out of nowhere, shows up with a ticket to tour them together ... Although it may seem silly, for you, Libra is not, that makes you fall in love.

    With confidence, living space for both parties, and a lot of good vibes

    Whoever respects your freedom and accommodates it wins the job. Whoever transmits a lot of good vibes to you and makes you intuit many good things about their personality also wins the position. Whoever knows how to give you the necessary confidence so that your fears go to China wins the Libra position, that place next to your heart again... You demand this, but you also want it for the person who wants to conquer you. Of you, no less was expected. Justice carries your essence.

    Someone who remembers your tastes, your fears, your crazy ideas, and all your concerns

    It is contradictory because sometimes you forget it, but that someone remembers it because they like it and show interest in being with you is something that makes you fall in love.

    Imagine Libra, someone who remembers the first time he saw you, the clothes you were wearing, the perfume even (without becoming the protagonist of "YOU") someone who retains your tastes in his memory. Well, that someone conquers you for sure.