How to Know if Libra Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

When you fall in love, Libra, you feel something special inside of you. Something that even you are not able to explain to others. You feel something that makes you say “I’m in love”, something that only you are capable of detecting. And that is true, because you are very careful about what you feel and not telling anyone until you are 100% sure that everything you feel inside of you is real. But as soon as you discover that there are very deep feelings for that person, you are not afraid to tell your friends, you are not afraid to feel, you are not afraid to say what you think.

It is true that you can feel a special connection with someone from the first moment, but you do not call that infatuation.

You are more to wait, to know that the other person feels the same for you or at least that you have hopes that something could happen between the two of you..

You know that you are in love, Libra, because you do not feel pressured by anyone or anything and because you are not afraid to argue, talk about things or exchange opinions. And it is that you, Libra, fall in love with people who know how to respect you, but who also respect your independence and your freedom. And that’s why when you find that special someone, it’s like you feel a release. Because you feel loved, but at the same time you feel that you can continue to be yourself.

You also discover that you are fully in love when you realize that you would do anything for that person, regardless of whether you receive the same in return. And you do it because it comes from within you and not because you feel obligated. You discover that all that love is real because you discover that you are very generous with that person and because you realize that you would never be able to throw anything in their face.

It is very difficult for you to accept that you are in love, Libra, and you know that and everyone around you knows it, but once you feel comfortable and you know that butterflies are real, you don’t mind yelling at them. four winds everything you feel for that person.