If Libra Has Anxiety Now, This Is Why

    The only thing that happens to you, Libra, is that you do not know how to value yourself as you deserve. You wait for others to tell you how much you are worth before doing it yourself. Worst of all is that you expect so much from others that they then disappoint you, and that is when the anxiety begins, the nerves, the desire to throw everything away. No, Libra, you have to always be strong, even on those days when it seems like the whole world is going against you. We all know that you are a person who gives a thousand and receives ten, but you cannot obsess over this.

    Not everyone is like you; not everyone is a Libra, unfortunately. 

    To get rid of that anxiety, you first have to look for yourself and only for YOU. Maybe also for your people and your family, but that's it.

    Live your life, Libra, and not anyone else's. Enough of helping and making others happy. Although it sounds bad, you must be much more selfish and look much more at your well-being.

    Best of all, if you start behaving like this, you will save yourself more than one upset and more than one nervous breakdown. If you apply these tips, you will see how, little by little; you begin to find the balance. We tell you this for your sake; we want the best for you.

    It will cost you more than you think, it will not be easy at all, but it begins to get rid of all those relationships that do not contribute anything to you. 

    You have to be the one who pulls forward, makes plans, and worries. And the best thing you can start doing is not expecting anything from anyone ...