What Annoies Libra Most in a Relationship

    Everyone is bothered by things, especially when you spend so much time with that person. Even when you share everything with her. As you get to know your partner, you realize that some things get you out of your boxes and get on your nerves. Libra, you are a person with a natural charm and passionate about a thousand things. You always love being here and there, learning new things, and always being around your friends.

    What bothers you about your partner is when they seem to show no interest in your hobbies, people, or things that matter so much to you.

    It makes you nervous that your partner does not worry about those things that make you happy and what your happiness depends on. And for you, Libra, it does not work for you to make the minimum effort; you need your partner to be much more involved. There is no use for you to make that effort to satisfy you ... You want your partner to be genuinely interested in your tastes and your friends. Since you are not like that, you cannot understand why other people are like that. You are a person who cares about others, who stops to meet your partner's friends, and who, if necessary, makes their hobbies your hobbies too, to make her happy. That, if your partner is happy to bungee jump, even you would be able to do it to see him smile. But, Libra, you do not understand that perhaps you are a person who gives himself too much and that it will be difficult to find another person with such a high level of commitment.

    You don't want your partner to be like you because it's impossible.

    The only thing you should do is tell him from the beginning what is bothering you and make him see what he should do to keep the relationship working. But remember that it is impossible to change people and that no matter how hard you try, you cannot make your partner the same as you.