What Annoys Libra Most

People who were born to disturb others are the main factor for you to put aside that natural and calm state that Libra characterizes you so much and you know it. You cannot with injustices, with people who look only for their good and who are not interested in the welfare of others. That they promise you a lot and then they don’t have the hard face to comply with anything.

That they lie to your face, that they think you don’t know anything ... that they underestimate you, Libra, is what can irritate you the most in this world.

It is not the only thing, because there is also the part of not getting your way when you want to do something with all your might. The confrontations out of sheer boredom, the rude and cruel people, the people who seek to do harm and the interested parties who only appear when they need something. That they abuse your confidence, that they use your intelligence for their own benefit and that they do not remember you when you need it most. Being there for everyone else and not receiving the same. Having to ask for it so that someone has the decency to show up and help you when you need it most. Seriously, you can’t stand that Libra, it irritates you a lot and even puts you in a foul mood.

You get stressed. Many things irritate you, many ... but human stupidity is what makes you lose control the most. As small strokes of humorous touches, you have to mention your mania for everything that is very dirty. The disgusted face you make when you have something very unhygienic in front of you is from Libra magazine and you know it. And the distractions that make you lose everything, except your head ... because thank God, it comes close to the body.