What Are Libra's Weak Points?

    We all have weaknesses, which is precisely what makes us different, human, and real. But we all have our Achilles heel, that weakness from which we differentiate ourselves from others. That weakness is unique in each sign of the Zodiac.

    Libra, your Achilles heel is just something that you thought was what made you better. Your empathy is your greatest weakness. 

    You will think that it is not bad and that it makes you a better person. But, Libra, sometimes being too empathetic can hurt you.

    You can feel VERY bad when you accidentally hurt someone.

    You feel terrible when you feel someone is suffering and think it was your fault. Libra, not everything depends on you ... They also make you suffer many times, and surely nothing is as bad as you feel on those occasions. You are too politically correct, Libra; you want to do everything right so that no one suffers. You want to be liked and liked by everyone. And for that reason, many times, you avoid confrontations that are sometimes more necessary to solve problems.

    You fear conflicts and fights, and as soon as you see a problematic situation approaching, you run to avoid it anyway.

    Libra, you must be more open in situations like this, not shut down and run away when you see the drama coming.

    Do not be afraid of these conflicts because sometimes they are necessary to clarify things and smooth things over.

    You are afraid of rejection and looking bad, which is why sometimes you get carried away by the opinions and interests of others. But, Libra, you have to impose yourself on your interests and not be so afraid of rejection. Don't depend on anyone, but listen to what others tell you. And enough of always being so correct and satisfying everyone. Above all, enough of trying not to hurt those who don't even care about you.

    Allow yourself to be rebellious, Libra, because I know that you want to be one deep down. Break all those chains and be yourself. Don't try to like everyone; try to like yourself.