What Are the Positive and Negative of Libra

    We all, absolutely all of us, have our good things and our not-so-good things. We are not perfect, and surely we will never be, although many do not like that ... All signs have our positive and negative traits, and these are yours, Libra. Let's start with the good, with the most positive features. It is that Libra, you have one of these to give and give, but we are going to talk about the ones that make you so special.

    You are a very generous and very empathetic person.

    Your connection with the people around you cannot be explained in words. Sometimes you are kinder and more generous than you should be. You care a lot about making your loved ones happy; you worry that they lack nothing and that nothing makes them unhappy.

    You are always ready to help anyone, even someone you hardly know.

    But it is that it hurts you to see someone suffering and that no one comes close to helping them. Besides, too, you are a very romantic person. And your ruling planet is Venus, which shows a lot. Although at first, you are a person who prefers to respect distances, as soon as you gain confidence, everything changes. It is that moment in which you can already be yourself, THAT moment in which you let see all the charm you keep inside, that romanticism makes you such a special person. But one of the best positive traits about you, Libra, is that you are a very polite, diplomatic, and fair person.
    A true Libra is a person who always stops listening to different points of view and hates injustice. This is one of the traits that makes you special because it is not something that abounds for the rest of the zodiac signs. Now we turn to talk about the most negative traits, those that sometimes you would like to change. The best known and the most common among the Libras are such indecision.

    You are a very indecisive person, Libra; you have difficulty making any decision. Whether it is something important or banal, it can take days to decide which is the best option.

    As much as others help you decide, your mind will continue to doubt; it will continue looking for any detail to make you doubt or change your mind. Another negative trait is that you are too lazy. You are one of those who defends the law of 'why do today what you can do tomorrow?'. It costs you a lot to start your projects. It's hard for you to get your ass off the couch and work to achieve your dreams. Sometimes you propose to change and not to be so lazy, but you almost always fail.

    Sometimes you worry too much about others; even if you think not, this can be a negative trait.

    You care a lot about being nice, so you don't hurt anyone. Sometimes you can even be someone you don't want to be so t,  that you don't make anyone feel bad. But, Libra, this has to start to change from NOW. Start looking a lot more for yourself and less for others.