What Does Love Mean for Libra?

    What does the word 'love' mean to Libra? Without a doubt, the word love for Libra means balance and harmony. Everything in the life of Libra has to maintain its balance so that it is at peace and love will not be less. For Libra, love must be between two, not just one person. Libra likes to give himself up but also wants to be given love.

    Libra gives love and affection but also wants to receive the same in return. And this scale has to be balanced because if not, Libra will notice it immediately, and that will be when the beginning of the end begins. And that's what Libra needs to love, a constant balance.

    Libra love is something very creative, different, and special. Although Libra does not love in that unconditional way, and although it takes a bit to show affection, how Libra loves is very different from the rest of the signs. Libra loves naturally, not under force,d and says everything he feels at that moment without having any hair on his tongue. For Libra to love finding that state in which he can be himself with another person without fear of what he will say, to love is to let go and be who he is naturally without hiding anything. Although Libra seems very free and independent, deep down, he likes to feel that there is a person who will listen to him and be there for whatever he needs. Loving for Libra is the perfect combination of harmony, respect, and independence.