What Excuse Libra Gives When They Break Up With You

    You always make an excuse for fear. Libra, your perfect excuse is to say that something scares you. You do not realize that if you always stand there doing nothing because it scares you, you will get bored, and your life will be monotonous. You are not the only person who gets on my nerves with the problems that life puts in front of us. It is not easy for anyone to face problems or face the unknown. It is not that you are afraid as such, if not that you have to be 100% to do something, and those insecurities make you 'afraid.' Libra, do not panic; you should first fight with those insecurities and remove that fear in front of life. Take away the fear of taking risks and the fear of the unknown. It's okay if you don't like the result in the end; you can always undo everything and go back to where you were.

    Everyone is afraid of something, Libra. Spiders, heights, clowns, etc................ჴ€¦ But if we all had the fear that you have, in the end, life would never advance, and we would all continue to be primates.

    Libra, only those braver people are the ones who ultimately overcome their fears. That is why you have to be braver than anyone else and face your fears as best you know. What You Don't Know About Gemini When It Breaks Later, in the end, you will say, 'it has not been so bad. All this is because you make a movie in your head that does not end up happening in reality. You are a bit pessimistic and tend to see that everything will end badly without even starting Libra; now more than ever, you have to be positive and think everything will be fine. Thus, little by little, you will face each of your fears, and you will overcome yourself.