What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Libra?

    When you do something bad to Libra, you are leaving an indelible stain on your resume for life. Seriously? Shouldn't it be forbidden? Who would harm Libra? Unfortunately, some people do it who know what the scale's personality is like and who take advantage of that piece of heart they have. Now, Libra is a very good person, but he also knows how to attack out of pure justice and leave his essence in his way so that the person who has hurt him pays for all the pain. And no, it wouldn't be in public to make it a show to profit from, no ...

    Libra elaborates its attacks with an education and a knowing how to be very worthy of a very clever, intelligent person and difficult to overcome.

    Through his words and with his gaze as a shield, he can judge you and leave a mark for all eternity; Libra does not need low blows to hit you where it hurts the most; Libra has to look at you very fixedly and thus, be able to get inside your head and make your heart twist out of sheer justice. Nobody expects Libra to be able to defend themselves in a very dark way, right? Well, it does; the Libra attacks are a true masterpiece. You will be haunted by a guilty conscience when you do something bad to Libra.