What Is the Best Part of Dating Libra

    The best thing about dating you, Libra, is your relaxed and harmonious spirit. You are the damn scale, and everything in you screams the word HARMONY. You convey so much peace, Libra, that the people around you come to you when they need reassurance. And in addition, you have such a special heart that it makes dating you something from another world.

    You are such a kind and generous person that you always want the best for others; you want everything to go well for those who matter to you.

    That is why, Libra, you always do anything for your partner; you are always willing to face anything to help her. Your level of kindness reaches such a point, Libra, that sometimes you even forget that you should be a little more generous with yourself. You give so much for others that there are times when you forget to give everything for yourself, and that perhaps is something that you should learn to improve ... The best thing about having you around, Libra, is that you are such a peaceful person that you will do anything to avoid conflict. You don't like problems, you don't like arguing, and you hate voices.

    When there is any misunderstanding, you are one of those who prefer to sit down and talk about it calmly.

    Your partner will always appreciate this very much because he knows that with you, things can be discussed without problems and without you getting angry before the bill. You are always in charge of keeping the peace and making the people you love happy, especially your partner. Of course, being so peaceful does not mean you will always be quiet and good.

    If you see any injustice, do not remain silent.

    There you take out the heavy artillery and start defending those not being treated as they deserve. Going out with you, Libra, almost everything is advantageous... You are not perfect, and your doubts can often ruin many things, but you always do everything possible, so your indecision does not take over your life.

    The best thing about being with you, Libra, is your intelligence and your open mind. You are a person who knows how to respect others. 

    You have such an open mind that you can respect opinions different from yours. You love listening to others because you learn many new things. In addition to respecting your partner's opinions, you also respect their space, time, and independence.

    You know when to give love, when to keep your distance, and when you shouldn't burden your partner.

    The best thing to go out with you is that empathy and that special affection that you transmit from the beginning, Libra.