What Libra Looks for in Their Life Partner

    You want acceptance, respect, and equality. You want to share, be there and have that come back to you without asking for it. A life partner who knows how to understand your doubts, who is not afraid to fight against your insecurity, who stays when everyone leaves, and who, above all, is a friend, a travel companion, someone who can be counted on for everything.

    Libra, finding someone who can reach the bottom of your shoes is already difficult; a soul like yours does not deserve to be subtracted from then on. 

    What you need is a soul that can be complemented with yours, but that is not the same as you because sparks could explode there, and no, they would not be much pleasure in that case ...

    You are a person with a lot of natural charm, but you are also a kind of mess with legs that makes and undoes without even knowing when it started or where it left things ...

    In short, you are a Libra whirlwind, a fresh whirlwind full of life, and that is why you need someone who can balance your inner balance and knows how to keep it in place.

    Someone who loves creativity, nature, outdoor plans, and music has a lot of intellect and has his part of independence also present because you are a free spirit who needs his part of independence and oxygen from time to time.

    Someone who understands that, who does not overwhelm you, and who does not think that you hide things because you have your Libra privacy, someone who understands all that and who understands you. So difficult? Your life partner should be a reckless and good soul determined to give you a spark and that little push so that your doubts go to China only with a one-way ticket. You know it very, very well, Libra.