What Libra Wants in a Relationship but Does Not Ask for It

    You love him without conditions and respect his times and doubts. You give him love and know that he often feels super lost with everything, so you can come to understand him one day. Don't look for trouble, flow ...

    Libra is full of good things, full of empathy with others, and with that desire to be okay with everyone. You must be well in all your relationships, and when one of those relationships breaks, you have a bad time. You can't feel like the atmosphere around you is turning cloudy because you can't get on with anything when this happens. It would help if you were relaxed and felt at home. Therefore, you should avoid any confrontation with her/him; he hates them, he is not used to living like this, nor does he want it.

    It is true that they can be very flirtatious and want to enjoy the moment, but once they find that person with whom they discovered emotional balance, they will cling without thinking twice.

    Libra does not want love to be one-sided and is one of those people who always hopes to give what he receives. Do not forget that he is someone very, very fair with everything. He will not tell you anything when he gives you something, but he expects to receive at least the same. Perhaps he will not ask you for the honesty that he knows he deserves, he will give it to you, and since he expects you to do the same, he will expect to receive it without having to demand it.

    Libra never liked demands ...

    But do not trust yourself; many people believe that Libra overlooks too many things, and yes, it is true that it can do it often because it does not create any war with anyone, but it has its limits, and when it breaks out, there will be no turning back.