What Libra Wants Right Now

Liberty . That is what you really want in your Libra life and not only in this year, you want it forever. You let Libra carry you, you let everything flow and you also allow it to influence you and that WILL CHANGE and not because we say so, everything will change because it is what you really want Libra, you want a radical change in your life and this is the perfect opportunity.

In 2018, you played a friendly hand more times than you should, you kept quiet about many things that you knew could hurt, you looked out for others more times than for yourself and you missed many things that right now you would punish for life.

You know it Libra, you know it perfectly and that is what will give you strength to BREAK EVERYTHING. 2019 is a year of positive change in every way.

Now, today and always Libra, make your internal promise not go with the wind or blow away like your head when it can no longer be overwhelmed. You will no longer shut up, you will no longer let things go , you are no longer going to settle, you are no longer going to let them see you as an option, you are no longer going to be the one to give first hand and no, you are no longer going to be there for most of the people who still believe that you They have a helping hand for life, because you will no longer be the same scale as always.

Your best version has arrived, it has been renewed with the entrance of the new year and Libra will stay in you for life, because there is no greater gift than seeing how you truly value yourself.

Do what you want, when you want and in the way that you want, without external advice, without guilt and without anything that makes you think of others before you Libra. Put yourself on the TOP and be selfish in a healthy way because it’s about time, don’t you think?