What Libra Will Never Do

    You would never give up on love, and you know it. But we are not referring only to the love of a story, of a soap opera. Love in every way, that love is the one you would never lose Libra to, and you know what? Of course, that of a sign as sweet on the inside (but little on the outside) as you are could not be better. The love of your perfect world is harmony, positivity, good things, beautiful things, and karma in its purest form. For you, love is not just the demonstration of affection and affection. Not at all. For you, love is like a contract, a commitment that we sign at birth and with which we learn daily.

    You are a believer in the good side of things, in karma and your new work, in the good and humanitarian side of people ...

    You like to think that bad person also have their good side, and you know it. Sometimes you get disenchanted quickly, especially when you see that there are people who cannot and do not know how to have love in their lives, but deep down, you are a very stubborn Libra person, and you know that everyone has love to give.

    You would never give up something like it; you would never give up love for anything Libra material.

    It is like that, the love of your crush, your people, your friends, and even your acquaintances from a few days ago. The love of all those people is something you take care of as if it were gold ... It is obvious, who knows you know that you are not a very loving person at first. It is also known that you are not the ideal candidate to represent Libra's love.

    The little scenes in public and being very effusive with life is not your thing, but what is true is that whoever knows someone like you will know what true love is. Pure, sincere, transparent, and real. This is Libra.