What Scares Libra About Their Future

    What is fear Libra? Is it a feeling? A position that is adopted at a certain moment? In your case, fear is already a well-known old character you have had to deal with several times throughout your life, and you know it.

    Last year was strong, tough, unexpected, and quite supernatural. Thanks to fear, you knew how to be stronger, you were able to overcome yourself, and you broke with all of Libra.

    You wiped out the batteries with minimal power, but in wisdom and maturity, you surpassed it. This year fear is reflected in change; you want a huge change in life, a radical turn that resists, that does not come, and that makes you desperate on many occasions ...

    You are afraid of not being up to the task, of being in a loop of wanting and not being able to. 

    Fear of routine, just doing the same old thing throughout your life, and you want that to change Libra more than ever.

    You have a lot of anguish for what Libra will come, and you should live much more daily. 

    You want NOT to depend so much on others, you want to go a little more on your own and build your life within a circle in which there are only the people you choose, but you are afraid of losing people that if you knew how to value you, you are afraid of deciding badly, failing, not acting well, that you cannot control everything that comes your way ...

    Do you know what Libra is? You are always waiting to be happy depending on everything that surrounds you, and you forget to look for your happiness within yourself.

    Let go of what is killing you inside, and you will see how everything changes in the months to come ...

    Libra, join the fire. This "who covers a lot, little squeezes" is a famous saying that fits you like a glove. 

    You do not want to do many things simultaneously because you will end up not doing any of those things and with feelings of guilt and anger that you do not deserve. From now on, go part by part and do not worry too much about the near future, because it will come with many good things for you. and no, the stars do not say it, you say it, and if you say it, it will be fulfilled. End and end.