What Should Libra Do When They Need to Rest

    Trying that the balance of your scale is perfect and that it does not become unbalanced is like looking for a needle in a Libra haystack, and you know it. Finding that balance is very important to you. You don't like injustices; you don't like being left with a bad taste in your mouth when you argue with someone, you don't like half tasks, you don't like someone who doesn't like being freer in that sense ... Look at Libra, in your case; everything has to be very, very relaxing because although it seems that you are tranquility in person, inside, you are pure nerve. A tornado, a real whirlwind, a roller coaster disaster that thinks going a thousand an hour ...

    Where to go so you can rest? Anywhere that has a lot of nature and no coverage

    Turn off the phone, let the social networks Live without you for an hour and connect with the Libra nature. Do some meditation sport; in your case, the ideal would be yoga. This practice is ideal for your mind and muscles; thanks to it, you can unload many tensions that you might not even know you had ... Another alternative to the yoga plan would be a day of cultural plans. You are Libra; you are creative as a person; you like art and strange things ... A good museum or an art exhibition with its charm would also be a good option for you to escape a little from the outside world.