What You Don't Know About Libra When It Breaks

    You are that person who always looks for a positive side to the most conflictive situation. The heart that always fights for equality and justice and the friendly hand that knows no betrayals and that sins more as good than as cunning and bad. Libra, you are one of those people who change the world without knowing it, without doing anything, only with your personality and your positivity, you already do it, and that is worth much more than the largest lottery in the world. What You Don't Know About Gemini When It Breaks

    When you feel like you can't take any more, you adopt a "passive" stance towards life that hurts Libra; nobody has the slightest idea of ჴ€‹ჴ€‹what it costs you to be a Libra and how much you suffer when your achievements, your merits and you're Your truth.

    When your heart is breaking very little by little, you stop caring about the people for whom you would be willing to give everything; you go to the background because you want to; you don't care to laugh to cry; in reality, you can get to fall even Libra humanity badly, and you know it.

    Look at Libra; entering such a state is very dangerous because you can intuit, see and know perfectly who suits you and does not, and betray yourself. 

    Why? Because you allow toxic people to have a hole in your life and your mind, to deceive your heart, excuses with the typical "we can all make several mistakes" or "we are going to give second chances" and that, you know it ends leaving you in the last place and the people who do not deserve it, in the first place Libra and no that should never be the case. You know it perfectly. Nobody knows, but your goodness can play against you.