When Libra Goes Crazy

    It will be difficult to see Libra cross-wire or angry because it is a sign that she hates conflict and confrontation. He hates him with all your might to such an extent that he can get angry just because of this. This situation generates anxiety and nerves that even he/she cannot control. That's when he becomes very impulsive, the opposite of what Libra is. He gets carried away by nerves, anger, and dark side. What Does It Mean to Dream About Walking Backwards?

    Libra is a charm in person, but she has a character that few can understand. Also, when Libra is in that moment of maximum rage, it would be better not to remain silent because that will end what little patience he had left.

    If Libra wants to argue, he needs to be answered to get on their level. But this will only happen in very extreme situations, in those moments where people dare to play with Libra's patience. Over time, Libra has learned to control himself so as not to lose that charm that characterizes him so much. He does not want those little tantrums to disturb the pleasant image that others have of him/her. Libra has difficulty expressing herself, but she does it wonderfully when she does. And if there are misunderstandings, it will be your fault, not Libra's. In addition, Libra is one of those people who, when he does something wrong, know how to justify himself and ask for forgiveness before the problem becomes bigger. For this reason, I feel lucky to see Libra with the crossover cable because it only happens rarely.