Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Libra So Much?

The world is not ready to understand everything that you have inside your Libra mind. Nobody is qualified enough to be able to get to know everything that you keep inside and for that reason, there are times that you feel that this is not your place. You are a very emotional person, who always has a place to help, to give good advice and to be there when they need it most. You don’t hesitate to pick up the phone for emotional support, you don’t allow injustices to be done right under your nose, and you hate selfish people who only look out for their own good.

You don’t care about money. Material goods matter very little to you.

You know that beauty is not hidden only on the outside and that is what makes you a very great Libra person. But that is what can make you enter a state of maximum misunderstanding. Not receiving even a quarter of half of everything you give. Feel that your voice is not heard, see, that there is no one pending your well-being. Let it be clear that what you don’t want is a babysitter to act as your shadow. People have a very wrong concept about you.

Sometimes you are thought to be a very controlling person who needs attention every two to three.

They believe that you cannot take any steps alone and that you do not enjoy your independence as you should. In part they are a little right, but a very small part. It is not that you are extremely dependent Libra, it is that you need support to have strength when making decisions. You need a reference to help you, to tell you that you are not like a goat and to support your crazy things. Just that, emotional support. You can come to feel that you are not understood for an infinite number of things, but Libra, if they do not understand you, it is because they do not want to understand you. You may be an enigma, but you hook. At first. Whoever tests you will want more of you. You just want them not to disappear out of nowhere.